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The only Concierge Service of its kind in Moldova, it offers personal assistance from experts who provide customized guidance in selecting the most relevant programs and services to help You have a comfortable and pleasant stay wherever You may be.
Our promise of excellent service is not just a marketing slogan, it's the rule we live by.


From the moment You contact us it is our job to understand everything that is so important for You, to feel the rhythm of your life. You will feel the real concern based on your taste and your precise needs.
We can make Your dreams come true.


We understand the need to maintain security and confidentiality for our Clients.
Protecting Customer information is a top priority at our company.


We understand that your time is valuable. We take care of all the moments and details in every way of your life, to ensure that your vacation is the trip of a lifetime, that your event is the best You`ve ever imagine.
Let us help You to be the pilot of your time.

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TrAvel and Holiday Arrangement
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Travel and Holiday Arrangements

Guest Personal Assistant provides an opportunity to organize your personal or business trip to the Summit as well as to make your stay in the country and abroad unforgettable. You can trust us all:

• expert advice on the selection of the Hotel, Villas, Apartments deluxe class or more individual option housing
• global reservation of rooms in Hotels, Villas, Chalet, Apartments
• global booking and purchase the best options for the airplane tickets ordering food in plane (in companies providing this type of services) the registration on-line
• vehicle rentals Private Jet & Yacht Charter
• the VIP service at the airport: transfer, VIP room, meeting in the national style (for guests of Moldova), escort
• the development and organization of the individual tours/ adventure arrangements
• the leisure: buy the best tickets for concerts, theater, sports events, exhibitions, as well as recommendations and booking tables in restaurants, bars, nightclubs
• the recreational activities for children the organization of celebrations and parties: the invitation of stars, catering, the best leading and entertainment program
• research for any necessary information

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Home Management

Let us help You keep your home in Best condition. Guest Personal Concierge gives You a variety of services:

• Property Sourcing
• Rental Management
• General Property Maintenance
• Preventative Maintenance
• Relocation
• Housekeeper Service
• In-House Laundry
• Gardening
• Security
• Interior Decorating
• Construction & Refurbishment
• Key Holding
• Financial Administration

VIP access & Restaurant Reservations
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VIP access & Restaurant Reservations

Let us offer You our great knowledge, book of contacts and access at the best restaurants, bars, private dining venues and clubs all over the world. Guest Personal Assistant will help you gave access to VIP pre-release tickets and exclusive access to major cultural events, sport competitions, the best international exhibitions etc. Your preference is all we need to know.

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Relocation Service

We understand that moving house is very stressful period almost for every person in the modern world. Guest Concierge Service will be pleased to help You organize the whole process moving:

• packing and unpacking
• cleaning out
• removing unnecessary items
• organizing belongings in your new space.

We’ll make sure that your loved one is moved safely and securely from the old residence to the new one and is comfortably situated as quickly as possible.

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Transport Services

If You use transfer options from Guest Concierge Service, You will feel yourself calm and comfortable from the very beginning of your adventure. When You arrive at the airport, You’ll be picked up by a driver of the car, You have previously chosen, and safely taken to the hotel or any other destination You need.

If it is necessary, Guest Personal Concierge can organize a VIP meeting near the boarding ramp, assist in the quick passport control passing and drive You to your vacation accommodation or business meeting.

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Personal Shopping Assistant

Our job is to make the connection between man⁄woman and wardrobe easier by identifying trends, gauging fit, and developing overall looks that work for You. The goal is to give the client the proper tools to dress himself.

Guest Personal Shopping Assistant knows everything about fashion, styling and comfort. We can gladly recommend you the best shops and the best prices in the most fashionable cities in the world.


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Delivery Services

Guest Personal Assistant offers You a confidential, rapid and high-quality delivering services which will certainly make your life easier.

• Flowers
• Gifts
• Invitations
• Grocery
• Food from local Restaurants
• Brand Clothes
• Plants

Event Organization & Romantic Dinner
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Event Organization & Romantic Dinner

We will gladly assist You in organization of the best event in the world, the party you’d never forget! Let us organize your party and just enjoy the beauty, good company perfect service and different entertainment around You. All the rest is our professional concern.

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organize exciting pastime
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fulfill your every order
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